Rate These Bike Safety Videos

We hope to develop a short Bike Safety Video for USC cyclists which will provide useful information for safely and confidently cycling in the University Park area and along new bike lanes being built on Figueroa and other streets.  Please have a look at these videos and help us decide what works and doesn’t for a USCBikeSafe Video.

1. UC DAVIS BEEP VIDEO: Here is a link to the UC Davis Bicycle Education and Enforcement Program Video, which provides basic bike rules and regulations on and around campus.  If you violate one of these rules at UC Davis, you can reduce the fine by taking this short course and completing the quiz at the end. Many students and cyclists just take the BEEP class voluntarily, because it provides lots of useful information.



The League of American Bicyclists provides excellent bicycle education which covers basic bike repair, learning to ride, riding in busy traffic and advanced cycling techniques.  Their 8 hour “Traffic Skills 101” and  2-3 hour “Bike Skills Clinic” are offered throughout the Los Angeles area, often free through grants from Metro.   For more information on a class near you, contact Colin Bogart at the LA County Bicycle Coalition.



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